Amazon Mission Trip Information

Amazon Outreach Ministry

Mission Statement
Amazon Outreach mobilizes mission teams to assist Brazilian churches in making disciples by sharing the love of Jesus along the Amazon River Basin.

Our Purpose
To serve in the name of Jesus, transforming lives on two continents.

We Believe
God is sending us to the ends of the earth.
Faith demands action and He equips who He calls.
Everyone should have access to clean water, adequate healthcare, food, clothing, and shelter.
God is powerfully changing lives; our lives through praying, sending, going, and their lives … the villagers, pastors.

Our Objective
Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to villages along the Amazon River.
Encourage, strengthen and assist our church partners in Brazil.
Encourage and disciple the existing Christians in the Amazon villages.
Provide medical attention for villagers.
Provide clean water to the Amazon villagers.