Mow And Better Disciples

Wondering what volunteering to help with lawn care on our campus has to do with making more and better disciples? I think that most of us would agree that first impressions are very important and even though we are blessed with a wonderful operations staff, there are limits to how much they can do each week. For instance, they are charged with cleaning the entire campus, and completing all maintenance needed on campus which consists of everything from changing filters, cleaning vents, plumbing and electrical repairs, painting, light construction, and much more! This ministry is crucial to establishing a commitment to excellence in all things that we do, and this impression begins with our outside grounds.

If you are interested in helping us with this important ministry we invite you to attend a brief meeting to learn more about this ministry after church on Sunday, April 28th. Members of our Operations Team will be on hand to answer all your questions and point you to the next steps toward joining this ministry.

For more information email us HERE.