Survey of the Old Testament

August 24 - December 14  |  Crossgate Campus

3100 East Grand Avenue, Hot Springs, Hot Springs National Park, AR, USA

All of us as believers love the Bible and believe that it is God’s written word. Most of us know many Bible stories and have been exposed to much teaching material that we have either read or heard preached and taught. Yet, many of us struggle to see the larger narrative of how this diverse material has, over the centuries, been brought together to tell God’s story of creation, redemption, and sustenance through the Holy Spirit.

One Wednesday’s this fall, we will be offering a “Survey of the Old Testament” led by Lynn Oswalt. The focus will be on both providing an overview of the individual books and explaining how each contributes to the telling of the story of God’s people during the Old Testament period. This material will also set the stage for the coming of the Jewish Messiah, the story boldly told in the New Testament. A “Survey of the New Testament” is envisioned for next Spring.

Bring your Bible and note-taking material. A textbook, which will be helpful for both courses, will be recommended for purchase by participants. More information on how to acquire the textbook will be available soon.

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